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Eren Angiolini

Eren Angiolini is an Italian comic colourist and illustrator, living in the UK. Some of their most recent publications include “Multiversity: Teen Justice”, “Justice League: Last Ride”, the Ringo Award winner “DC Pride” (DC Comics), “Enola Holmes” (Legendary Comics) and many series of Doctor Who comics. In addition to their comic work, Eren illustrates fantasy characters and creates art resources for table top role playing games.

Featured piece of art

“Reimagining the classics with a fantasy twist.”

Belle Homme


Bernardo Brice

Bernardo Brice is a comic book letterer based in Santiago, Chile. His lettering credits include DOTA 2 (Valve Corporation), RZA Presents: Bobby Digital and The Pit of Snakes (Z2 Comics), Funny Creek, Hailstone, Red Tag,and Adora and the Distance (comiXology / Dark Horse Comics), Gardener (Second At Best Press), along with other graphic novels and anthologies published by Image Comics and DK, among others.

Nelson Dániel

Nelson Dániel has worked for over 15 years in films and commercials as an art director, production designer, storyboard and concepts artist for films like Aftershock, Eli Roth’s Green Inferno, Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, among others. Nelson lives in Santiago-Chile, where he has published his graphic novels Durmiente, Lucca, 1899 and 1959. For IDW he also did all art and colors on The Cape: 1969, monthly series Judge Dredd, Dungeons and Dragons, Clue, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Stephen King/Joe Hill collaboration Road Rage. He has also completed work for the single issues and covers of Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Transformers and more. He has worked with Legendary Comics on the Detective Pikachu and Pacific Rim graphic novels. He has also worked as colorist for Marvel and IDW on series such as The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder, The Island of Dr. Moreau and the 2015 Eisner Award-winning best limited series, Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, for which he was nominated for best colorist.

Treasure of New Brooklyn

Night Veils

Jeff Hayes

Jeffrey Ray Hayes is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Austin, Texas. His career began with pen and ink illustration and layout work for Austin-based table-top gaming companies. Jeff also spent time working as a commercial artist and display designer for a Texas-based grocery company until making a career change and serving for 30 years as a police officer until his retirement in 2019 at the rank of assistant police chief. During that time, he never stopped working as a freelance artist and formed Plasmafire Graphics, LLC. Jeff has worked in the art department of streaming content productions and independent films both in the United States and United Kingdom, creating promotional materials for entertainment industry marketing. In 2012, his primary focus shifted to book cover illustration, cover layout and design, and visual marketing for indie authors and small press publishers.

Rich Henneman

Rich is an artist and illustrator, specializing in commercial illustrations, comics, trading cards, design and private commissions. His resume includes official work for Star Wars, Marvel, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Topps, Upper Deck, Star Trek, Voltron, Image, and more… and he is currently working on a new comic book series due out in 2023!

He was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he currently resides with his beautiful wife, his two handsome boys, and the world’s sweetest puppy.

A lifelong baseball fan, Rich lives and dies with the Boston Red Sox. He is also a massive Star Wars geek. He currently enjoys eating, drinking, drawing, painting, spending time with his family… and hardly sleeping.

Featured piece of art

“The Good, The Bad and The Tiger – A take on the title of the Silver Surfer comic it’s homaging.”

Calvin & Hobbes

Battlefield Hoth 3

Greg Krivac

Greg Krivac is a professional artist and illustrator based in Naples, Florida and Huntsville, Alabama.  His body of work covers topics and characters spanning comic books, science fiction, fantasy and pop culture.  Influences include Norman Rockwell, Boris Vellejo, Gil Elvgren, and Alex Ross.  When not working (or traveling for work) Greg enjoys competitive sports and spending time with family.  For inquiries he can be reached at gkrivac@gmail.com.

Featured piece of art

“This piece is the third in a series of panels commemorating the battle scene from The Empire Strikes Back reminiscent of the Battle of the Bulge in WW2.

Joel Ojeda

Joel Ojeda is a Mexican comic book artist. Always looking to push the boundaries of dynamic and expressive storytelling, he continuously experiments with different styles and techniques!

With 10 years of experience in the comic book industry, some of his previous clients are Zenescope (Grimm Fairy Tales, Code Red, Tales of Terror, various titles), UDON entertainment (Darkstalkers XV anniversary artbook), Action Lab entertainment (Zombie chick), FlipOut international, DC Comics (The Death of Superman – The Wake) and Heavy Metal. He currently works with Visitors Publishing discovering exciting new realms of comic entertainment, and having a great time doing it!


Earthworm Jim

Mike Ratliff

Michael Ratliff is a professional comic book artist with 20 years of experience. You can find lots of his work as of lately on a variety of Indy Comic covers and books such as: Penguino’s Revenge, Little Red Ronin, Burlap, Kerra Prime Kids, Tampon Man and Applicator Boy, Across Space, Recount: Preamble, Coins of Judas, The Super Delish Sing Along Comic Book: Cottage Cheese, The Glopple, I Hate You Please Die, Greed, and many more! His artwork has a strong, fun energy to it that makes it pop off the page! He is available for commissions and variant cover work.

Featured piece of art

“Come join one of the greatest adventures in space ever told!”

Deryl Skelton

Skelton’s 50-year career comics highlights began with the Dallas comic strip.

At Marvel, he worked on virtually every character from the Avengers to the X-Men, including the Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath.

DC credits include: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wonder Woman, and Prince: 3 Chains of Gold.

Commission clients include Stan Lee.

Across Universes to Across Space

Jolyon Yates

Jolyon Yates was born in England and now lives in Denver with one woman and a dog, one of whom he met whilst living in Hokkaido.

Past work includes the comics Ninjago, Gumby, Tales from the Crypt, Jumanji, Creepshow and the crew t-shirt for GODZILLA (2014). Recently did art for Arrow Video’s Gamera, Shaw Brothers, Jean Rollin and The Yokai Collection, and is currently doing covers for Visual Vengeance and X53 Studios.

Featured piece of art

“Cover art for the 2020 book published by WK Books.”

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